Used Brand FX Utility Body BFXB56 18300


SN#: 07-18300

Model BFXB 56 Contoured Service Body

Overall Length 96″, Width 82.75″

To Fit: Single Rear Wheel, LB

Pack Depth 15″, Height 42″

Steel Understructure

1/8″ Aluminum Treadplate Floor

Aluminum TPX Cargo Walls

Standard White Gelcoat

Stainless Steel Rotary Latches, Hardware & Door Hinges

Vinyl Covered S/S Cable Door Stops

LED Lighting Package  (Stop/Turn/Tail/Marker)

Standard Backup Lights

Aluminum Slam Tailgate w/Center Latch

Streetside Shelving:

S1: (2) Adj. Divider Shelves

S2: (1) 12 Drawer Cabinet (mounted under flip top tray)

S3: (2) Adjustable Shelves

*Curbside Compartments:

C1: (2) Adj. Divider Shelves

C2: (1) 12 Drawer Cabinet and (1) Fixed Shelf

C3: (1) Adjustable Shelf and (1) Material Hook

*10″ Aluminum Tailgate Automotive Style with Center Latch

*Aluminum Load Wall Liner – both sides

*Horizontal Aluminum Ladder Rack with Rear Roller and Rack Strap

*Pre-Punched Aluminum Basket, Hinged at the Bottom with Latches at Both Ends and Middle (for easy access to basket)

*Stainless Steel Wheel Well Liners Continued Full Length of Compartment Bottoms

*(4) Load Wall Tie Downs

*(4) Floor Tie Downs (recessed)

*Flip Top Compartment – Streetside

*(2) Stainless Steel Grab Handles – one on each side at rear

*Beacon 6610A Strobe, Mounting Bracket, Wiring, and Switch

*Pace Edwards Roll Top Cover

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