Used Astoria Utility Body


Used Astoria Service Body

    • 96”L X 80’’W X  40”H

      Fits 56” CA (SRW)

      49” W X 65” Long Cargo

      15” Deep Compartments

      Aluminum Treadplate Floor

      Standard White Gel Coat

      Stainless Steel Rotary Slam Latches

      8” Tailgate with Pull Cable Latch

      LED Recessed ST/T/T/ & Incandescent BU Lights

      No Bumper

      Aluminum Header & Tailskirt

      Front Corner Rock Guards

      Steel Understructrue

      4-Corner Post Over Head Material Rack

      Transverse Compartment with Aluminum Overlay

      *Streetside Compartments:

      • S1: (2) Pull Out Drawers – Both Ways – Transverse
      • S2: Open
      • S3: (1) Divider Shelf

         *Curbside Compartments:

      • C1: (2) Pull Out Drawers – Both Ways
      • C2: Open
      • C3: (1) Divider Shelf

All Shelves – Carpet Lined

*Very Good Condition

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