696 Knapheide Service Body


Knapheide 696 Service Body

  • Model 696 (to fit 56″ CA Single Wheel Pickup)
  • No Flip Tops
  • Compartment Depth 15″
  • Steel Galva Grip Bumper with Recessed Center
  • Slam Type Tailgate – No Chains
  • Streetside Shelving: S1: (2) Adjustable Divider Shelves with Dividers, S2: Open, S3: (1) Adjustbable Divider Shelf with Dividers,
  • Curbside Shelving: C1: (2) Adjustable Divider Shelves, C2: (1) Adjustable Divider Shelf, C3: (1) Adjustable Divider Shelf
  • Surface Mount LED Light Kit – Stop/Turn/Tail/Back-up & Strobe (Wired to Switch)
  • Mounting Kit
  • Spring Closures on Vertical Doors
  • Chains on Horizontal Doors
  • Mudflap Drops
  • Fuel Filler Cup

Equipped with Liftmoore Crane, VanAir Compressor, Reel Craft Reels and Rigid Vise – Some of the many accessories we can put on for you!

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